GeoSpace offers a comprehensive range of services, including spatial analysis, mapping, and result visualization. We specialize in constructing hydraulic models, analyzing spatial data, and providing accurate predictions. Additionally, our expertise extends to mapping sample locations, developing continuous surfaces, and creating web-based GIS applications.

GeoSpace Services:

  1. Build Hydraulic Models:
    • Construct GIS models of rivers (Baseline 4, 5, or 6).
    • Perform accurate discharge calculations using WAQUA.
  2. Spatial Analysis:
    • Analyze vector and raster (remote sensing) data.
    • Conduct spatial pattern analysis, geostatistics, and future prediction.
    • Perform spatial regression analysis to relate surveys to the environment.
    • Conduct space-time analysis of surveys and satellite images.
  3. Map and Model Results:
    • Create detailed maps of sample locations, project outcomes, and impacts.
    • Develop continuous surfaces based on points, utilizing geostatistics.
    • Aggregate high-resolution continuous maps to districts or provinces.
  4. Online Storing and Publishing of Results:
    • Build cloud-based (GIS) databases for secure data storage.
    • Develop web GIS applications for efficient data access and exploration.

Choose GeoSpace as your trusted partner for all your spatial needs. Contact us today and discover the transformative power of our comprehensive service